One on One Coaching with Ben Hunt

Do you need help with design, web marketing, strategy, technology, and more…

but don’t want to spend a fortune hiring a huge team?

Great, you could be in the right place!

I have worked as a professional in the web design, web development, and online marketing sector for as long as it has been around (since 1994!). Over these past 28 years I have performed a huge range of roles spanning web design, copywriting, brand development, web and database development, user interface design, conversion rate optimisation, and search engine optimisation.

I have also taught design and marketing, presented at multiple conferences, and written countless blog posts as well as several books.

What that means is that I am in a unique position to offer a huge breadth of knowledge and experience that could help you grow your organisation in the right way, built on a clear vision and following a solid strategy.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re big or small, a solo hero setting out to change the world, a bootstrapped startup, or an established enterprise. If we are going to work together, all that matters is that your dream is to make the world a better place… and that you’re prepared to dream BIG.

How we’ll work together
I want you to see me as your partner who’s fully committed to working closely with you to make your dreams a reality. That means you can get in touch anytime, whatever you need! However, for that reason, please be aware that I can only work with a few clients at any time.

Step One is to drop me an email, tell me a bit about what you’re doing and the change you want to effect in the world. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Step Two, if I think there could be a fit, we’ll have a call to find out more about each other. There is no charge for this call, which could be up to ninety minutes. If I am highly confident that I can help you massively, I will proceed to consider a proposal.

After that, it is usually a good idea to spend a day together, but that depends where you are in the world. I really want to get a feel for not only what you do, but what motivates you and why. I find walking in nature is the ideal place to think BIG!

If we proceed to work together, I only ever bill for actual time spent, and at a rate you can afford. Rates are flexible depending on circumstances.

I have worked for a lot of different clients over the years, including some big names as well as countless small business and solo entrepreneurs… but this is the one that really matters to you.