What exactly is the 2 Get Rich Fundamentals Group?

We will go deep on some very core fundamentals to help you become a better learner, communicator, speaker, thinker. You will see an improvement to your health and have better relationships. These core concepts are the keys to living a rich and prosperous life and many have been missed along the way.

Why is it 12 months?

The 2 Get Rich Fundamentals Group is designed to last 12 months because that is the time it will take you to be introduced to each of the Fundamental concepts and learn to incorporate them in your business and personal lives. This group is designed to level you up in many aspects so you are ready to join other high level groups. You should have the money and skills necessary to graduate to bigger things and you will have the confidence to know you belong. Plus, after a year, we will know you and your business well enough to help you make the decision on which next step is the best one for you.

Is this group right for me?

If you already know it all, then no. If you are a lifelong learner and open to exploring new ideas and concepts as well as revisiting ones you learned but know could be improved upon, then YES!

I am already a member of high level groups, does that mean that this isn’t for me?

We believe that fundamentals are fundamentals and everyone can benefit from revisiting them and picking up new skills. This means that everyone who wants to improve should make the small investment and join.

What do I get when I join?

You will get some Free Goodies from us and you will get access to our private Facebook Group (while you are active in your 1 year training). You will be invited to 12 zoom sessions, each schedule for an hour but typically run long for those who want more. The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings in the Facebook Group. Our coaches will be active in the Facebook group to help answer questions and give personalized attention. You will get an education not found anywhere else on the planet. You will make friends and feel connected.

I bought the books, do I really need to join the group?

The books are a great introduction to the concepts but that is the tip of the iceberg. In the group trainings we will go deeper and share experiences and cover concepts not covered in the books.

When should I sign up?

Right now! In fact, here is the link: Click Here To Sign Up