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Do you have a great idea for a new product or a unique take on an existing product but don’t know the steps to take to get your idea out of your head and into stores? (Or on Amazon!)

Invent: 2 Get Rich is a step by step guide that teaches you how to get your idea to market using the exact blueprint Dave came up with over the course of creating dozens of products and successfully launching them.

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in Invent: 2 Get Rich

Figure out if your idea is worth pursuing and if it is, how to make it the best it can be.

Learn if your product needs to be protected and if so, how.

Decide if you want to license your idea or sell it yourself.

Locate the right manufacturing partner and negoiate favorable terms.

Methods of obtaining financing and what to watch out for when evaluating offers.

The right packaging can dramatically impact your product sales. Learn the mistakes to avoid.

Determine the correct price for your product and how to market it when it’s ready to sell.

Avoid the most common shipping and fulfillment disasters.

Just ONE of these ideas could be the difference between successfully bringing a product to market and failure.


I just started to read Dave’s book. It is a wealth of information. It goes deep into how to take an invention from idea to market. His story is inspiring.

– Kiran Vedantram
Author of “Cracking the Code to Success”

I have had tons of product ideas over the years but never thought I could actually pursue them. After reading this book, I now have the confidence to go after my dream!

– Robert Trombatore – Incredible Escape Rooms

About The Author

Dave Streen is a mult-patented tool inventor who loves to help other inventors on the road to success. His book, Invent: 2 Get Rich, distills many of the lessons he has learned from creating dozens of successful products to help the aspiring inventor avoid making costly mistakes that could delay bringing a new product to market or even prevent it from launching in the first place.

Instead of flying blind, with Invent: 2 Get Rich you’ll have an experienced inventor helping you every step of the way on your product development journey.


As an inventor myself, I wish I’d had an easy to understand blueprint like this when I first started.  I’m really proud of this book and am confident that it will give you your best chance at success as an inventor if you follow my advice.

I wish you all the best on your way to becoming a successful product developer!

– Dave Streen