Did you know that the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ is in the Start Spangled Banner?
It’s on all of our U.S. Currency. It’s a motto on some State Flags, it’s in Schools, and in government buildings!

Why is this simple phrase so important?

Because it is the foundation of our Country the foundation of a rich life!

We believe everything should start with God.

Let us point out that the phrase is not:

  • Trust your Gut
  • Trust in Yourself
  • In Your Friends We Trust
  • or In Your Coach (or Mentor) We Trust

It clearly and concisely says “In God We Trust”.

The Bible instructs us to put God first and if you have already taken the Rich Life Quiz™ (and read the results), then you know the First Foundational F is Faith.
This is because with God, all things are possible.

We believe that without faith, you will kick and claw with all your might but still struggle with relationships or finance or some other important area of your life.

We are not telling you what to believe but we are suggesting that if you truly want to live a rich life, then you should explore this area further. We believe very strongly that everything you learn and apply will be much easier and will yield better rewards with strong faith guiding you.

We have found a very special Pastor at a very unique Online “Business” Church that we would like to introduce you to when you are ready. We also have found one of the most entertaining Pastor’s who shares incredible lessons.

P.S. One of our members joined a $50,000/year mastermind and the first thing they instructed him to do was to read the proverbs every day. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Proverbs a section in the Bible that were written by King Solomon, the smartest man who ever lived. There are 31 of them and they are all short.

(There are many versions of the Bible but if you do not have one yet, we suggest the Living Bible or NIV version and there is also a great iPhone app which lets you toggle between all of the different versions so you can read (or listen to) the version you like the best.)